What is Chiptuning?

Chiptuning is a process performed by making changes to the electronic control unit (ECU) of the engine in order to increase the performance of automobiles and other motor vehicles. ECU is a computer system that provides engine control of the vehicle and controls the performance of the engine, fuel consumption, emissions and other important parameters. The chiptuning process aims to optimize these parameters by changing the software or hardware of the ECU.

Chiptuning is usually done for the following purposes:

Performance Enhancement: Chiptuning can improve the vehicle’s engine performance. This means getting more power and torque, so the vehicle can be driven faster and more powerfully.

Fuel Economy: Chiptuning can improve fuel economy by optimizing fuel injection, ignition timing and other factors. This can mean less fuel consumption and lower fuel costs.

Torque and Turning: Chiptuning can provide better acceleration and acceleration by adjusting the torque characteristic of the vehicle.

Emissions Control: When done properly, chiptuning can optimize emissions control, resulting in cleaner exhaust emissions.

Chiptuning should be done by a qualified technician or mechanic. When done improperly, vehicle performance may deteriorate, the engine may be damaged, or it may fail to comply with emission standards.

In Gasoline Diesel Vehicles Up to 35% Performance 15% Fuel Saving

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