Fault Code (DTC) Clearing - DTC Cancellation - About Fault Code Solutions

Here are some benefits of clearing a Trouble Code (DTC):

Properly Troubleshooting the Vehicle's Problems: Fault codes indicate that the vehicle is experiencing a specific problem. These problems usually indicate potential errors or malfunctions in the vehicle's engine or other systems. When the fault codes are cleared properly, the fact that these codes do not reoccur or do not produce fault codes again indicates that the problems have been successfully resolved and the vehicle is operating properly.

Turning Off the Error Light: Error codes often cause the vehicle's error light to come on. When fault codes are cleared or a temporary problem is corrected, the error lamp turns off. This allows drivers to stay informed about the health status of the vehicle.

Quick Diagnosis of Problems: Fault codes help technicians or mechanics quickly diagnose what is going wrong with the vehicle. This allows faults to be resolved more quickly and efficiently.

Solving Temporary Problems: Fault codes may indicate temporary problems with the vehicle. These problems can affect vehicle performance or emissions, but they usually do not become permanent problems. Fault codes detect such problems and help your vehicle return to normal operation when cleared.

Emission Control and Environment: Fault codes help regulate vehicle exhaust emissions and control emissions. When the problems are fixed, your vehicle's environmental impact is reduced and it operates in compliance with emission standards.

In Gasoline Diesel Vehicles Up to 35% Performance 15% Fuel Saving

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