GPF (Gasoline Particulate Filter) is an exhaust emission system component used in gasoline engine vehicles. GPF aims to reduce environmental impacts by capturing solid particles (soot, soot, etc.) in exhaust gases and filtering clean air output, similar to the function of DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) in diesel engines. However, the function and purposes of the GPF are different from the DPF in diesel engines.

GPF cancellation means removing or disabling the GPF. This process may be considered by some vehicle owners or performance-oriented car enthusiasts, similar to DPF removal. GPF cancellation may be considered for the following reasons:

Performance Enhancement: GPF can limit exhaust flow while filtering exhaust gases. Therefore, the cancellation of GPF aims to improve the performance of the vehicle.

Reducing Maintenance Costs: GPF can become clogged or defective over time. Repairing or replacing a GPF can be costly, so some owners may consider canceling the GPF as a cost-saving measure.

In Gasoline Diesel Vehicles Up to 35% Performance 15% Fuel Saving

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